Thursday 18 August 2011

My Nomadic Boy Wills.

"I think the sea's over there!"

Wills was born here in France, in the beautiful bastide town of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, and ever since has traveled about like a Gypsy with itchy feet; always in search of new experiences and knowledge.

I suppose that most of his life has been spent in England, simply because he was at school there, but since those days he has moved around almost continually. He's spent quite some time in Australia (where his internet business is based), Holland, Germany, Thailand, Morocco (above with beloved, but long gone, dreads), and France. And he still doesn't know where he REALLY wants to live.

However, I think he's finally coming to a compromise. The Spring and Summer here in France (when the barn conversion is complete), then the Spring and Summer in Oz. Two Springs and two Summers sounds very sensible to me....and it makes me wonder why we don't all follow his example.

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  1. I think my youngest son may be a bit like Wills.
    He was born in the UK and spent his first 3 years there, but we have been in France for the last 14 years. he says he doesn't know where he wants to be but he wants to travel.
    Difficult decision to make these days.

  2. Srping and summer in France, spring and summer in Oz, yes I could live with that!
    That would be nice for you to have family nearby if he does set up home in your barn.

  3. Well he leaves Lawrence of Arabia for dead in the looks department...what a wonderful world it is that he can do that..two homes not winter!!!

  4. Perhaps you could do the same thing?

  5. Sounds like a true pioneer. Maybe he'll write about his travels sometime!

  6. 2 Springs & 2 Summers. No I could not cope without a cold crisp dark winter in between, for it would be to miss the pleasure of having roaring fires in every room. Not to hear the sound of snow sweeping over the roof or to see the brilliance of frost on the plants and miss the thrill of driving on icy roads, when most others are to timid to venture beyond their door steps.
    But each to his/her own eh?

  7. With your crisp new roof, Heron, nothing can now penetrate. I agree about the fires etc, but I'd like a slightly shorter winter.

  8. Hi Cro
    In answer to your question, yes, I know the streets well, I should do, I was born in Brighton and have lived here for (mumble, mumble 65 yrs )
    I actually now live in Hove but only just. I live in Highdown Road just along from the seven dials and near the 6th form College, formerly the Grammer School.
    What a wise move you made, Brighton is nothing like it used to be. Overcrowded most of the year but ridiculous in the summer.
    Of course we are now a city, ha, ha, and supposed to be cosmopoliton, ha, ha, forgive my cynicism but I remember the old Brighton and loved it.
    I went to a small school called St.Martins and then on to the Stanmer Secondary Modern. I then met my husband at 15 and married at 17. Amazingly we are still married and happy, so it does work out sometimes.
    I'll end there before I bore the pants off you and you wish you hadn't commented. lol

  9. Thanks for that Briony. I had a feeling that we might have been close neighbors. We adore Brighton, but despite having a couple of homes there, we prefer to live where we do (for the last 40 years). Best wishes.

  10. There was a documentary back in the '60s called "The Endless Summer", in which a couple of surfers traveled around the world in pursuit of non-stop surfing adventures. It sounds like your son will be pursuing non-stop springs and summers for a while. Sounds like fun, but I prefer having my roots in one place. (yup, definitely an old fart attitude)

  11. Two springs and two ideal for sure! Wills sounds like the true meaing of the word entrepreneur! I think it sounds majical to travel around and see a bit of the world, as well. That picture is stunning by the way...

  12. The picture is pinned to a wooden pillar just ahead of my desk. But we do have the real thing with us too (for a while).

  13. This is a marvelous Lawrence of Arabia...


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