Wednesday 10 August 2011

Cèpe Market; Villefranche du Périgord.

The Cèpe season has now ended.

Not since 1969 (so I'm told) has there been a crop like it. Mushrooms were everywhere; one almost needed a scythe to harvest them.

The market price was between €10 and €15 per kilo, and many remained unsold; the merchants were simply inundated.

The last time I, personally, remember a similar crop was when Wills was still young (25 years ago?); together we filled our baskets, then filled our T shirts, then anything else we could find. On the way home I remember saying to him 'just look in the air, don't look down'.

In the picture (thanks to our guest Sam) you will notice a couple of boxes of orange mushrooms. These are the delicious Caesar's Mushroom  amanita caesarea. Where on earth they found all those, I can't imagine. I consider myself lucky to find ONE every ten years....  It's been a strange Summer!

p.s. The above market used to be MUCH bigger. Nowadays the merchants tend to go from farm to farm to collect, hence a much reduced gathering under the ancient 'halle'.
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  1. My identification book shows an example of Caesar's Mushroom, saying how wonderful it is, but never yet found in Britain. It then goes on to warn you that if you DO think you have found one here, be careful that it is not a Fly Agaric with all the white flecks washed off it by the rain.

    Our cepe season has not yet begun, but I'm hoping for a record year too...

  2. I'm gonna have to git me one o them there shroom pamphlets...

    Amazon here I come.

  3. Not a great lover of fungus here but I'm happy for you that you got tons of your favourites for free this year.

  4. Love this image...all the bursting crates, the milling mushroom lovers, the ancient columns...nothing like it on this side of the pond!
    I'm having a giveaway this week---

  5. So tables or tents or big banners saying "Best Shrooms in the Village" We Americans have to go overboard on everything. Wish I were there. Getting tired of all the Sweet Corn here in the Midwest

  6. I sure hope you know how to dry those mushrooms so you can continue to enjoy them over the winter.

  7. Laughing at Donna's comment, I've never heard of that mushroom, but although I've all sorts of odd bods growing in my garden, until someone with more knowledge than I steps in, ill just keep ignoring them.

  8. Oh how I wish I could have been there... mushroom risotto, in a white wine sauce, with chicken, with garlic butter... Yes, I would have bought a kilo or two ;-)

    Thanks for your comment. I do of course like compliments - though I can't lie: my sunglasses aren't actual Ray Bans, they just look similar (though they're not fakes!)...still like them and hope you don't think my taste any less impecable ;-D

  9. Oh heaven!! the 'shroom possibilities. I wish I was more confident in the 'shroom spotting stakes. I'm always scared of poisoning meself tho!! Hmmm I have a sudden yen for a big plate full of garlic mushrooms!!

  10. I would have loved to do a little shopping at that market! yummy!


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