Thursday 11 August 2011

This is where it all starts!

If children are to achieve anything in life, then this is where it starts. All teachers are much the same, all classrooms are similar, and I would suggest that ALL children start off in life with a sparkle in their eyes, eager to learn.

Then something strange happens. Certain children in our socialist controlled, no-discipline schools run riot. Those who wish to learn cannot, and those who do nothing but disrupt, control the whole caboodle (until they are removed).

Every single classroom in the world should be there for the benefit of those who WISH TO LEARN; not a crèche for unruly louts. And yet those same unruly louts could so easily be separated and taught a 'trade' elsewhere. There will always be those who wish to further their education, and always those who wish to leave school to find work. 

The less academic amongst them should be given the opportunity to start earning.The world is crying out for builders, plumbers, electricians, etc (all trades that earn good money), so why not make this a part of main-stream education, and grant the more academic pupils a less disruptive environment in which they can excel.

Idle hands run riot, smash windows, thieve, and set light to cars. The great loony-left educational experiment has FAILED miserably; it's time to think again.   


  1. I'm in wholehearted agreement with you here. The other thing I've been thinking is that this education system started to fail people at least forty years ago when I was at primary school by not noticing when parents then couldn't cope with their child rearing role. There were kids in my class who stank of stale wee day in and day out, year after year. I heard that some of them ended up in prison in their adolescence. What sort of parents and grandparents have these people who were brought up with so little hope made themselves?

  2. My old school slotted into this category. On reflection it was the teachers that were largely to blame in not sorting out the trouble makers and constantly turning a blind-eye. I'm not saying all teachers are 'bad' teachers, just the ones at my school. They were appalling.

    When I left school for college, the doors really opened up - no classroom fuck-ups to disrupt things (pupils or teachers)...

  3. I am not sure I agree
    Sure I think good schooling is vital but what I do think is that parents and the extended family should "start as they mean to go" when the child is a baby.
    consistency and discipline at home followed by consistency and discipline at school

    and everyone should remember that Children ARE children NOT little adults

  4. I imagine that all this rioting and aggressiveness comes from idle hands and boredom.
    School is responsible for a certain amount but I think they need to learn life's lessons from home.I wonder what the parents are thinking at this point about their kids as they watch a beautiful city disrupted,I
    imagine they don't give a rats a..e.
    Unfortunately like a lot of things these days everyone wants someone else to do their job for them.

  5. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a child living in an inner city, surrounded by bricks, concrete & tarmac and constant noise.
    I have no knowledge of deprivation on any level, for my up bringing can best be described as middle class however, I do realize that today's young people live under tremendous pressures: commercialism and other rabidness; therefore it ill behoves me to condemn that which I am ignorant of knowing.

  6. Well said. Kat from the Compound.

  7. I'm with John Grey on this. I just left a post on another blog...about the book Lord of the Flies. Family is crucial, extended family is crucial, community is crucial and so is schooling, but going by Goldings book and insight into human behaviour, then all must take responsibility for their own actions and that needs to be taught at an early age. Ohhh another rant...sorry blogland friends!

  8. I'm with John too, but here I was just talking about the schooling side of things. I couldn't agree more about the importance of family.

  9. Well said Cro - I think John and Heron made some good points and I liked all the other comments too!

  10. Smattering of applause... nervous cough from the chairman of the govenors...

  11. Great post, very well spoken!


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