Friday 12 August 2011

Kitchen PC.

I've just noticed these two everyday products sitting side-by-side on our kitchen shelf.

In today's PC obsessed England, I quite expect that both would have been banned long ago (Shock, horror. Nanny, Nanny).

Just in case you were wondering, Banania is a hot milky breakfast drink that tastes of banana flavoured chocolate (thankfully, usually only drunk by les enfants!!).... The other one is cheap wine vinegar.
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  1. Never seen either ,how uneducated is that!

  2. All new stuff to me....only in France you say?

  3. OK - Now show what's inside your medicine cabinet.

  4. We still have Aunt Jemima products here. I guess that isn't terrible PC either. But um, that pic on the banania is pretty bad ... reminds me of Little Black Sambo.


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