Sunday 20 March 2022

Wrong day.


As usual I was up at Owls Hooting this morning, giving me plenty of time to wrap a few presents.

When the snoring from upstairs had reduced to a mere purr, I dutifully crept up to the bedroom with an armful of prezzies.

"Happy Mother's Day" I shouted with glee, as I showered her with beautifully wrapped boxes.

"That's next Sunday" she replied in a nonchalant manner.

"Really? I thought it was today".

"Fraid not" she said insistently.

So, I gathered-up the beautifully wrapped gifts (Christmas paper still looks great in March), and took them back downstairs. 

I told her to forget all about this morning, and pretend to be surprised next Sunday. Whether she will or not remains to be seen.

I was certain it was today.



  1. Monty Don said the same thing on Friday, so you are not alone.

  2. I am surprised that your mother is living with you!

    1. I get 'Tongue Pie' if I forget, even though she's NOT my mother.

  3. Mother's Day is in March?

  4. You got it muddled with the first day of spring.

  5. All sounds a bit daft to me. She might as well have had the presents today for what it's worth.

  6. Cro it's Mothering Sunday, mother's day is so American.

  7. Now you just have to make sure you don't forget next Sunday.

  8. March 2Oth was the International Day of Happiness and also World Frog Day. Every day of the year has some special significance. By the way - what a sweet, romantic fellow you are giving presents to your wife to mark Mother's Day - even if you did manage to get the day wrong!

  9. Why not have 2 Mother's Day celebrations? Double the presents sounds very good to me. You'll have to come up with some really good surprise on the right day. Dinner and theater? Chanel perfume (the newest one is Gabrielle)? I could go on...The sky is the limit.

  10. We have it on the second Sunday in May in Australia. The kids send a text message from their phones to mine, that's good enough for me.

  11. Celebrate it properly next Sunday and go to church. It is a religious festival, Mothering Sunday.


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