Monday 18 January 2021

That Russell Harty encounter.

The famous Harty interview with the unpredictable Ms Jones, tended to overlook its other two guests.

Lord Lichfield and Walter Poulter watch-on with horror as Jones sets-about the interviewer, who she accuses of turning his back, and ignoring her.

Lichfield was a cousin of The Queen, and a well known photographer. Poulter was also a photographer, as well as a Cosmetologist/Parfumier.

Of the three guests, Poulter was possibly the most interesting. He claimed he could instantly identify over a hundred perfumes, and as part of his work with Yardley, would often test his cosmetics on himself. There are tales of people encountering him taking photographs of wild rocky Yorkshire landscapes whilst wearing lipstick. In the Harty video, he is seen impeccably dressed, holding a pair of kid gloves on his knee.

I'm writing this because I was recently listening to a BBC radio programme about him, and attempted to find-out more. Google hardly mentions him, even though he apparently published several books of landscape photographs, and others of travel guides with hints on mountain climbing routes.  

He is a hard man to trace, but at least Harty thought him worthy of being a guest on what turned-out to be his most memorable programme.


  1. I don't recall that. 1981. Hmm. My memory isn't good but I'm sure I'd have recalled that if it had made the news and I'd seen/read it (I never watched his shows).

    1. I never watched his shows, I didn't like the man. But this episode became 'infamous'.

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