Tuesday 24 February 2015


Some time ago I enthused about an open terrace that had been built into the loft space of a house near my baker's shop.

This week I am showing you another little gem from the same village, this time almost opposite the bakery.

This magnificent gate leads into a courtyard (and I presume into a coach house) in between two quite substantial village houses. This is not the entrance to some grand chateau or expensive town house, just a village home on a busy road.

The photo fails to show the true grandeur of the gates. I should have asked someone to stand by them to show the scale. 

France does this sort of thing so very well.


  1. Here we dont have fences and gates, all the yards are open to the small streets but if we had I shall be so glad to have a gate like this.

  2. I like that, it somehow manages to be simple yet grand at the same time.

  3. I viewed a house with a similar gate here, old coach house. Beautiful gate and would have bought house for it but it was overpriced and needed too much work.

    1. I just re-read post and see coach house there too!

  4. Yes, theyhave a certain grandeur as you say and they are the most beautiful faded green. Our neighbour has put up rather similar gates which are electrically operated as his barn conversion (not yet finished - it is a barn he bought from the farmer) is rather a long way across the field.

  5. Beautiful ….. and will age and be even more beautiful.
    …. and, somehow, it doesn't look over the top. People often do ostentatious gates and railings here outside a modest semi and it just looks wrong !! XXXX

  6. it's lovely. You need something like this near the entrance to your tower.

  7. I have noticed here in Portland that gates seem to be the rage. While walking the dogs I passed one yard that had a walkway straight through the center of the yard with a pillar on both sides and a gate with no adjoining wall or fence line, just a gate.


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