Friday 6 December 2013

Spice Box.

This old Spice Box only sees the light of day once a year; and now is that moment.

It contains all those 'solid' spices that are rarely used; Cloves, Nutmeg, Star Anise, etc. These are the spices that Lady Magnon uses for her festive fare, and they are kept apart from all the others.

I have no idea how long some of these spices should last, but they all still have wonderful aromas and flavours. Just to open the box is a sensory experience in itself.

As you can see, the inside is divided into six individual compartments, with a nutmeg holder and grater in the centre. 

The tin was made in the days when certain spices were more expensive than gold; hence the serious lock on the front.

I remember carving this little peg (the original padlock has long gone) when I was ill in bed. It helped pass the time, and has been used ever since. I suppose I really ought to find a small antique padlock to take its place.

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  1. What a lovely piece. I wonder if I can buy one at KMart?

  2. No don't replace the makes the pretty tin even more precious.

  3. I agree with Libby - don't replace the peg.

  4. How lovely and exotic - better than a wooden spice rack full of Sainsbury's bottles.

  5. What a beautiful tin! Keep the peg and the memory

  6. That's a very nice example - a lot of them are missing the grater. I too would buy an antique lock for it and keep the peg for something else (a flatulence controller for John Gray?)

  7. noooo please keep the peg. it looks lovely.

  8. Spices are still expensive which is one of the reasons I hate to have to throw them away after a few years in my spice drawer. I have been told that two years is the limit.

    1. I hate to think how old some of ours are. The Cloves and Nutmeg must have been in there for over 10 years, and are as aromatic as the day they were picked.

  9. I'm sure can smell the lovely scent mix from here. I've never seen anything like that. Are the sides of the compartments made of metal as well?

  10. It's just beautiful. I love seeing old things being used.

  11. Thats a lovely spice box! We have had to chuck out some of our powdered spices that have become hard inthe jars. We just don't use them enough!


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