Sunday 18 November 2012

The Sunday 'Oh Dear'!

All the trees are dying, the nice Burmese Buddhists are killing the Burmese Muslims, the Arabs are still lobbing home-made rockets over the border at the Jews (who like to retaliate; Big Time), and there is now talk of our military folk going into bloody Syria.

Sometimes I really worry for the future of the world.

Personally I try to be a 'good citizen'. I don't burgle houses, fight in pubs, or drive the wrong way up motorways. I like to think that I am polite, I eat with my mouth closed, and I hold my knife and fork correctly. I say 'please' and 'thank you', give-up my seat to pregnant (or not) women on the tube, and help the elderly across the road. I try to treat the planet with respect, I'm kind to animals, and I love my family dearly.

But why do so many chose to act otherwise? Why do so many enjoy being uncouth or cruel? Why is being an oafish dope-smoking hoodlum so ridiculously 'fashionable'?

Occasionally I despair about the human race. We are violent, blood thirsty, destructive, envious, jealous, ambitious, self-centred, arrogant, and pompous.

There's a wonderful world out there, with so much on offer; most of which is free. But there are times when I just want to bury my head in the sand, and say 'dig me up when all the idiots have learned how to behave'.

Sorry about this, but sometimes listening to The News makes me so bloody angry.


  1. Never mind, according to the Mayan Calendar the world will end next month.

  2. Hear, hear. (Or is it here, here)? Never mind, either way, I totally agree. Oh, how I agree. In fact I boycott the news from time to time...but being a bit of an internet junkie it's hard to boycott it entirely.

  3. I take news vacations's so infuriating and depressing. What the hell does Hamas hope to accomplish? Why can generals keep it in their pants?

    But...there are many good people like yourself that give me hope. We keep being good citizens because we are well-adjusted people who have compassion and understanding. I'm betting on us, but not the entire stack of chips.

  4. I regularly stick my head in the sand. It's the only way I can remain sane. Like you say, the natural world is a beautiful place and the best things in life are free.

  5. I'm with you all the way - thank heavens there are still a few decent folks about.

  6. Sadly Cro, the world has always been like this.
    One of my little sayings is.

    There's enough in the world for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed.

    That just about sums it up I think.


  7. My sentiments exactly, could not have put it in a better way.
    That i why I stopped watched the news as frequently as I did, at least.;)
    Have a great Sunday nevertheless.;)

  8. Yes we all feel the same way it seems....and when I truly do despair of people and their behaviour, I do force myself to remember that there are more good folk than bad (please don't tell me is my only hope)and then I ... and yes I know it is schmaltzy .... I put on 'It's a wonderful life' with James Stewart...have a good cry at the end and feel better!

  9. I agree, always hate the saying that 'it's a cruel world', I think the world is the world, it's just full of a lot of cruel people

  10. There needs to another planet....where they can go and blast themselves to smithereens !!! All most of us want is just to have a quiet peaceful life...
    It gets pretty overwhelming sometimes and I would have to agree now is one of those times..
    I'm going to just shut all the news off today and enjoy a frost november day..
    Fire...a bit of cooking...eating....sewing..patting of cats...walk in the woods...preparing for Thanksgiving ....a wonderful holiday...
    I do take great solice in the fact that we have all found each other here.!!!! Pretty cool I'd say!!! Some very very good people out there in blog land!!!

  11. With the power the human race has at its fingertips you would think we could all live in Nirvana. Instead, as a species, we are our own worst enemy. How we have managed to survive all these years is a mystery.

  12. Does anybody have the email address for Heaven? Could do with asking them if they have any idea what's going on and if there are any better places to live than good old planet Earth.

  13. Your photo and post make the statement that I have felt for months. The world is coming off its hinges.
    I, personally am so very ashamed of my country. There are good people here, but the other half are just as you discribed above. I live among the dope-y, the cruel, the idiots, I am so amazed that they can even function. My feelings are the same as for Taradharma's feelings, I wish they would keep it in their pants, I don't want to see it. Yet, I am the weirdo here...I don't fit in to their or someone else's "normal". if you do not do what everyone else does, you are not normal.
    Don't have an answer Mr. M. I have been taking news vacations many times. It keeps up, I am going to disconnect the tv, totally.

  14. About the time I'm ready to give up on the human race, they do something wonderful. This is but a tiny snippet but it renewed my faith. After Hurricane Sandy, some entrants in the New York marathon groused and complained when it was cancelled; others used that pent up energy to help with the cleanup. Who do you think slept better that night?

  15. I agree, Cro, and couldn't express it any better myself.

  16. cro
    last night I watched a sweet natured nurse just out of her teens hold the hand of a man who was dying
    there ARE a few nice ones left to make sense of the world xxx

  17. Totally agree Cro, the scary thing is when the Grandchildren are coming into their teens and thinking what if?hopefully they will not have to go away to war..if they do that is someone from every generation in our family and we were hoping that Timor and Afghanistan were the last ones with the nephews home is a worry.

  18. It is why my grandfather said to my grandmother after my mother was more children if the world is like 1928.

    You put words to our feelings well....and we continue to live in hope for the World and Nature and do our best to live well and in harmony.

  19. That's the main reason why I don't watch the news or read a newspaper. I find the world is quite a nice place if you just ignore the telly.

    I too despair thinking about how nasty humans can be, to each other and to animals, but I long since worked out that worrying about it only made me grumpy and frightened as I can't solve all the world's problems by myself. So I just do what I can close to home - being nice to people and cuddling my dog.


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