Friday 23 November 2012

Warmth 2015/16

My good friend José is thinning his Chestnut plantation, the trees are now touching each other and the lower branches are dying off. He's taking out every other tree.

Two years ago he began thinning, and the resulting wood is now sawn and stacked chez nous; I bought 10 cu ms.

I haven't yet broached the subject of this lot; but if he's selling, I'm buying (even though we have about 30 cu ms in stock).

One can NEVER have too much wood!

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  1. Absolutely right! There is no such thing as too much wood.

  2. Will he leave them to re-grow - we have an old coppiced chestnut wood near us, sadly neglected now, but each bole has several strong straight limbs growing from it, renewable energy for a constant supply of wood.

  3. Wood is good. A hundred year carbon-cycle instead of eleventy million years. Smells nicer too.

  4. we're with you there...we feel quite possessive when we hear of a tree felled....can we have it please?!!!

  5. when I had a large evergreen cut down in my yard, the neighbors swarmed to get the wood for fire. Never mind it would be a very smokey fire from this particular tree....

  6. I say never pass up on good wood especially if it is close enough that one could trundle it home in a wheel barrow.

  7. Hmm, how does that translate into cords? We go through about ten cords of wood each winter. Does chestnut burn well?

    1. It burns faster than oak, bust almost as hot. Good stuff.


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