Thursday 22 November 2012

Cro and 'birthday boy' Ollie, both aged 5.

Always keep ahold of Mum
for fear of finding something glum.

Good solid legs, hair that's out of one's face, no interfering socks, washable heavy-duty clothes, sturdy pair of kicking shoes. That's all a boy needs when he's 5.

Ollie has now reached that same wonderful age as I was above, and is showing all those glorious Magnon family traits and style choices (OK, he's better looking than I was).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ollie.  A boy to be taken seriously. Hearts will melt!

Lots of love from Grumpy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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  1. Have a good day, both birthday boy and grandpa!

  2. Oh to be five again with everything in front of you.

  3. Happy birthday to you (him)
    Hapy birthday to you (him)
    Bread and butt-er
    In the gutt-er
    Happy birthday to you (him).

    Ah, those shoes, those shoes - the universal design for kidlings in your (our) day!

  4. isn't it grand to be a grand parent?

  5. Happy birthday, Ollie! Looks like he's taking after his Grumpy.

  6. Life's easy when you've got a tiger, a monkey, beautiful blonde hair, and a Grandpa who loves you.

  7. How adorable. 5 is my favourite age, I would give all I own to have my boy back at 5 years old again. Guess I just have to wait for a grand son now.


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