Friday 30 December 2022

The Rich or Famous.

Brighton & Hove's celebrity spotting usually takes place along the prom' towards Hove on warm, or sunny, Sunday afternoons (Winter and Summer). One always recognises a few famous faces, but putting names to them is another matter. 

When I lived in central London, celebs were everywhere, no-one rushed over with autograph books, they were left alone. It was accepted that they were simply local residents just like everyone else.

These days, of course, everyone has a phone in their hands, and 'selfies' with celebs are regarded as a 'human right'. It must be infuriating to be stopped every few metres for some geek to take a snap.

I'm not aware of any 'famous people' living nearby us these days, but Sir Roy Strong used to live just down the road, as did Dame Flora Robson; in fact they must have been neighbours. Both, I believe were regular attendees at our nearby church, where this plaque (above) is situated.

Otherwise some current famous Brighton residents include Captain Sensible, Cate Blanchett, Chris Eubank & Son, David Gilmour, David Walliams, Fat Boy Slim, Heather Mills, Julian Clary, Ken Livingston, Nick Cave, Ray Brooks, Peter AndrĂ©, and Robin Cousins, to name but few. 

I've never met any of them, but they've never met me either!


  1. We passed somebody famous on our morning walk yesterday. The trouble was I couldn't remember his name or what part he'd played in that particular soap opera!

    1. Brighton is known for its 'Resting Actors', we see them all the time. But I wouldn't know who they are.

  2. My only claim is seeing John Wayne crossing the road in Oxford, and drifting in a punt on the Cherwell through the middle of a Two Ronnie's TV shoot.

  3. I used to see famous people when I went to the city more often. I'd be walking in our Rundle Mall and see some "gosh he?she looks just like whoever and then I'd learn from the news that night that so-and-so was spotted in Rundle Mall this afternoon and there I'd been close enough to someone famous yet not realising it actually was that particular someone. I did once recognise Billy Joel eating an ice cream cone.


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