Saturday 18 June 2022

June is bustin out all over - Carousel 1956

We're already half way through June, so time to listen to a few men in knitted fishing hats, and women in crisp white pinafores, singing their hearts out. Enjoy.


  1. It's just after 8 am, and the temperature is already 24 C. I've done all my mowing, and will probably spend the rest of the day either indoors or in the pool. The pool temp is now 30 C; no longer very refreshing. Shade temperature will reach almost 40 C today.

  2. Scorchio.
    The sun is peeping through here. May reach 19C max later.

  3. It was a very different sort ofJune back then. Those characters are still wearing suits and long sleeve tops. They'd be falling down with heatstroke today..
    It's still cool-ish today. No need for aircons yet and cool breezes in the morning and evening. If only it would stay this way

    1. Too hot here, but rain/storms are forecast for next week.

  4. Gay men had nothing to do with the production of this number.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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