Friday 14 September 2018

POTUS 2020.

All sorts of folk are wishing to replace Trumpo as POTUS. Hats are being thrown into the ring at an alarming rate, and an interesting bunch they are too.

So far we have.....

Oscar de la Hoya

Boris Johnson (maybe)

Kanye West

Oprah Winfrey

Ronald McDonald

Someone called 'The Rock' ?

Katy Perry

Will Smith

Tom Hanks

and (one presumes) Alfred E Neuman et al.

Good luck to them all!


  1. Don't forget Google. Oh, sorry that's a Clinton revolving door according to this morning's Breitbart News . . .

    1. Mr Google, Mr Amazon, and Mr Starbucks will all, no doubt, be joining the bun-fight in time.

  2. I wonder if the sensible people wouldn't touch the job with a bargepole.

  3. Alfred E could do a better job I suspect. worry?


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