Thursday 29 March 2018

Man has sex; Corbyn is anti-semitic.

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Sometimes one really has to wonder about the suitability of certain UK newspaper editors.

There have been two stunning revelations from our national newspaper hacks recently, concerning Trump and Jezza.

Do they think we don't already know about what's going on? Do they think we will all gasp in horror at their shocking revelations?

Regardless of searching-out billionaires, it is not uncommon for certain types of women to throw themselves at rich men. It must also be said that certain very rich men throw themselves (wrapped in their oodles of banknotes) at certain types of women. Take a quasi-attractive porn star, and a squillionaire with loose trousers, and the result is pretty darn obvious. This is not 'news'; just a Stormy in a teacup.

And, surprise surprise, a senior Marxist politician who cosies-up to his 'friends' Hezbollah and Hamas, is hardly going to buy his new suit from Solly Rothschild's tailor shop in Golders Green. He's been making his thoughts clear for decades.

For goodness sake; tell us something new!


  1. Do you remember when I wrote about this two years ago? I got into BIG trouble. You beat me to it tonight.

  2. Corbyn hasn't changed his ideology for over twenty years

  3. BBC just described Julia Skripal recovery as 'miraculous'.
    George Galloway alerted us to the fact that the scene of the crime was the house over a week, maybe two weeks ago. That being the case, which is now looking highly likely, the whole sequence of events is something of a miracle.

  4. I see that the 'Palestinians' have been at it again, and no doubt any response by the Israeli soldiers will have Corbyn bleating his anti-semitic garbage again. Keep watching.

  5. The socialists are now clearing-out from within; I can't see Jezza lasting much longer. His anti-semitic/pro Hamas stance is now doing too much damage.


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