Wednesday 11 March 2015

Come Here!

Lady Magnon: Cro, come quickly!

Cro: What is it; I'm busy.

Lady M: Quickly, bring your camera.

Cro: Wait, I'll have to put some shoes on.

Lady M: Hurry up, or it'll be gone.

Cro: Give me two seconds.

Lady M: Look at that!

Cro: Oh wow.

Lady M: Take some snaps.

Cro: Looks like some of our local shepherds are going to be extremely delighted.

Lady M: What?

Cro: Nothing.


  1. Beautiful sunset!

    Were you referring to a weather rhyme? If so, we say the same thing, except it's "sailor's delight" instead of "shepherds".

    1. Spike Milligan's version is...

      Red sky at night, shepherd's cottage on fire.
      Red sky in the morning, shepherd's cottage still burning.

  2. I do love a good sunset - beautiful.

    1. This was one of those illusionary ones, where it looked as if everything was on fire behind the trees, then turned to a more pinkish colour above the trees. My pic is not really very good,

  3. So beautiful.Each photo of your's is always full of colors .Does not matter what you film.

  4. Wonderful….it does look a bit like a forest fire though! ( not that I have ever seen one)

  5. Exquisite - a lovely purply tinge I rather think. For some reason my digital camera just does not do justice to a good sunset.

  6. It is a beautiful sunset. It almost looks like Cezaane or similar has painted it!

  7. good thing you always come when called lol

  8. That is AMAZING Cro ……. doesn't Lady M excel at photography ?!! Whenever I take a photograph of a sunrise or sunset, it never seems to capture how beautiful it is. XXXX


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