Monday 30 June 2014


The very first time I encountered Couscous, I knew that it was to become an important part of my life; rather like Pasta.

Oddly, this encounter did not take place in Morocco (I slept through my early visits to N Africa, on account of the soporific quality of certain illegal substances), but here in France where we have a large Moroccan and Algerian population.

These days it would be unimaginable for us not to eat Couscous several times a week; often in summer as cold Taboulé, but usually hot accompanied by a spicy Lamb or Chicken Tagine.

I have never been taught the art of Couscous preparation; I've just muddled through by looking, tasting, and experimenting.

The Couscous itself I mix with dried mint, cumin seeds, and olive oil, before I re-heat in the microwave. My Tagines always contain tomatoes, courgettes, chick peas, potato, carrots, harissa, preserved lemons, ground cumin, and cinnamon (the one above contained Lamb). 

On warm summer evenings, to sit down with friends to a big dish of perfumed and spicy Couscous (and a plentiful supply of rouge) is as good as it gets. 


  1. I must say I used to enjoy couscous before going gluten free - c'est la vie.

  2. hmmm looks yummy. it is 0755 and I want to eat all of that on the screen.

    When in Tunisia I saw Berber women making cous cous. they rubbed it in their hands to fluff it all up

  3. I will try the couscous remixed with the dried mint,cumin and olive oil now that the Phillips menu is being extended. (I am sort of surprised to hear you have a microwave. I have never had one).

    1. The microwave is used for just 2 things, re-heating couscous and re-heating the previous night's curry for breakfast.


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