Thursday 12 June 2014

Ms Miller et al.

(above) Ms Miller and Monty engrossed in some distant goings-on.

Imagine the throaty purr of a big fat open-topped 5 litre German muscle car (yes I did get to drive it), the wild flowing wind-swept silver locks of a Canadian art collector, and an unrelenting sun beating down on the crystal-clear waters of a welcoming pool in the glorious southern French countryside.

You can't?... Well believe me, that's what life's been like chez Cro for the past week.

Our guests will be heading off today; en route for Blighty via the beautiful Île de Ré, and a few more Chateau 'boutique' hotels.

Hopefully the car's-boot's precious cargo will arrive in good order (ahem).

Bon voyage mes amis. Et a bientot.

p.s. Both Lovely Grey and Tom's HI are bound to appreciate Ms Miller's barnet; stunning!


  1. What an exotic visitor to Chez Cro - loving her jazzy trousers - obviously a lady with style.

  2. Her dress look beautiful and suits her good!

  3. I thought that H.I had changed her name and come for a visit !! ……. it's so lovely to see that there are so many beautiful and stylish ladies around. XXXX

  4. Yes, the back of her bonce does look familiar.

  5. My grandmother's family traced their ancestors back to the Ile de Re in the 1600's. I would love to visit one day!

  6. Ms Miller looks like a funky kinda gal :-)

  7. She looks like a cool lady!


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