Monday 9 June 2014



Have you noticed how Syria's in-fighting appears no longer to be news worthy; no-one seems interested any more. We now look to Kim Kardashian's wedding, murderous legless S African athletes, or the length of Kate Windsor's skirts for our daily news fix.

But back in poor old Syria they are slowly but surely destroying their own country. Whole towns have been levelled and their populations wiped out; the supply of both weapons and combatants is never ending.

There has even been a steady flow of young radical British Muslims who've left everything behind for the chance to kill their fellow Syrian Muslims (what ARE they thinking!).

I really wonder if all the different factions even remember what they're fighting about. Why Assad is so hell-bent on all this destruction and suffering, I really don't know; I'm sure he has enough cash secreted away in foreign bank accounts, to last out his days in peaceful security.

And what happens when it does all eventually 'stop'? How will the two sides (or however many sides there are) ever live together? Syria will no doubt become another version of Iraq, Egypt, and Libya, and the sectarian killing will continue for decades to come.

Meanwhile the smiling Mr and Mrs Assad have cast their votes in a somewhat one-sided presidential election that we all knew who'd win.

As I've said before, 'what a bloody mess'.


  1. Indeed, political differences --rooted in power and greed-- seem to align themselves along sectarian lines, a potent and inexhaustible formula for creating bloody messes.

  2. Yes, I have noticed...I can't remember the last time I saw anything about Syria on the news. I used to be quite addicted to watching hours of more. I got tired of hearing the same stories over and over. Now I get most of my news online and I'm far better informed.
    The mess in Syria is just heartbreaking.

  3. I never understood what they were supposed to be fighting about.
    As you say, I doubt if many of them do either.

  4. Nota Bene: I have just eradicated several blogs from the longish list I follow. One had become a lunatic, some others hadn't posted anything for years, and one or two seem to be restricted to invited followers only.

    If by chance I've 'un-followed' you by mistake, and you are still actively writing, then please forgive me and let me know. I'll reinstate at once.

  5. I can no longer listen to the news as it is all so awful and upsetting. I read the news on-line and skip the wars, murders and hateful things that go on. I do know the headlines, but the details are too horrid.

    1. I have all but stopped listening to the news on TV. Just the headlines and some local items. I feel we are bombarded by distressing imagery all the time and one either becomes desensitized or depressed. Cro is right it is a bloody mess and one that gets repeated over and over. I'm trying to just focus now on decent and kind people, friends and family and switch the wider world off!

  6. I don't think anyone really understands what's happening in the Middle East. Each time i try to understand a bit more of it, i come away more confused. The only thing i understand is that it's akin to tribal warfare, and as long as there's more than one tribe or group, there's unrest, threat of war, or war. The ruling sect/group/tribe does all it can to remain in power and more often than not wishes to eradicate everyone else. Just because.

    I cannot imagine having that much hatred in my blood just because another group is different.

  7. It is the same with every conflict - its time as being actually newsworthy is limited - it is overtaken by something much more facile.
    On the celebration of D Day - with all those wonderful old veterans remembering their dead comrades, the Times
    had the audacity to write an article about the fashions that every 'famous' woman was wearing - did it really matter?
    I despair.

  8. I was going to visit Damascus before the war started. I still hope to go one day.


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