Sunday 29 June 2014

Monsieur Bok Magnon; si'l vous plait!

I've come to the inevitable conclusion that Bok is a human being inside a dog suit.

Unlike many dogs he is extremely attentive, patient, and loving. 

He's also something of a sports fanatic. He enjoys Hare coursing, Deer hunting, and Athletics. He's not over keen on ball games, but Monty is trying to encourage him.

He is contemplative, wiley, and sometimes devious.

If he was to reveal his real self, he would probably make a very good writer.

I was reminded recently of the Romany expression 'Kushti Bok'...... Kushti Bok indeed.


  1. And he's also a little bit gorgeous x

  2. After all, it is often said that dogs take after their owners - not just in appearance but in sporting preferences too it seems. Does Bok also like to neck bottles of red wine and paint pictures?

    1. If offered the wine, I'm sure he could sink a few.

  3. He's a lovely boy....maybe see if he'd like to try painting?

  4. I think perhaps that because we know our own dogs so well we do tend to see them as human Cro.

  5. Dogs each have their own personalities, just like people. It seems Bok was blessed with a very special one. He is definitely a 'Kushti Bok' (had to look that one up) dog. :)

  6. Truly, he found himself the perfect home and companions. I'm so glad you welcomed him with open arms.

  7. What happened to your latest post on couscous. I really want to read it but when i click on it it tells me the post doesn't exist.


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