Sunday 9 December 2012

For Mr Tom Stephenson.

This sculpture, entitled 'The Venus de Bonio', was recently purchased for Monty and Bok.

It has obviously been left (for some considerable time) in a box, and they have asked me to do some remedial work on its 'arse'.

As it is Sunday, and I have little else to do, I shall re-carve certain parts to produce a portrait of Jordan (aka 48DD Katie Price).

I wish everyone a similarly productive Sunday.

Any confusion; please consult here.

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  1. Whew i was worried before i read the story lol I look forward to seeing this one...

  2. I'm very much looking forward to it's reincarnation as Katie Price, but I think you're going to have to make the cups bigger than a DD, Cro!

  3. I have peeled potatoes, carrots and parsnips, but refrained from carving any body parts :-D

  4. I too - for a minute - thought that you had branched out into online porn. Give the dog a bone, etc. How you can see Katie Price in that is beyond me, though I can see her boyfriend/s in it.

  5. Hihi, not a bad thing to do on a Sunday.;) We are snowed in, so our Sunday is equally laid back.;)

    1. the dogs wont be the only old canine to be drooling over this!
      old old duffer in bath may find it irresistible!

  6. A very productive Sunday, indeed.

  7. Looks like a milkbone to me lol. I'm sure Monty and Bok will do a little 'adjusting' of their own to it.

  8. Clearly my mind is in the toilet, because I immediately saw all manner of x-rated things before I saw a dog bone...


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