Saturday 8 December 2012

There was I, a-diggin this 'ole...

Yesterday morning we were quietly driving to the supermarket when I asked Lady M what she thought was mankind's most common activity (a normal enough question). As usual she dismissed me with a shrug of her shoulders, a roll of her eyes, and silence; so I answered for her.

'Probably hole digging, Cro' I said, doing my best to imitate her voice.

Well, we do dig an awful lot of holes. We dig for minerals, precious stones, and drinking water. We dig tunnels, foundations for buildings, and pools for summer fun. They're dug for tree planting, pipe laying, and even hidey-holes for Saddam. There's no end to the reasons, or inventiveness, for hole digging!

We seem obsessed with going downwards. 

'Don't you think so?' I asked Lady M.

'Did you put 'cat food' on your shopping list?' she asked. 

I shan't mention the subject again.


  1. You need to come up with a list of interesting topics for those long drives...either that or put on some music lol. So...about those holes....

  2. Bernard Cribbins songs have given us great pleasure over the years......we used to love jigging about with the kids to silly stuff like that. And there is a very good childrens film called 'holes'.

  3. Ha-ha -that's funny. Lady M was clearly focusing on the task ahead while you wanted a meaningful discussion about holes!

  4. We do a lot of digging alright. So do our dogs! Funny, our latest "deep" conversation started like this when I asked Bogie: "What would be the first thing you would do if we just found out a nuclear bomb was headed to Huntsville (about 40 miles north?) I was wishing we had a hole dug to get into!!

  5. HA! Sounds like a pretty typical husband-wife conversation to me.

  6. I shall have to ponder that, Cro. And cat food is always on my grocery list.

  7. wonderful that people all over the world are the same...usually it is the wife asking and the husband tuned out..well done Lady M you are a credit to us all wonder the cat loves you.


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