Monday 15 October 2012

Gendarmes For Sale?

What!.... Cro's bought a Gendarme?.... Surely not!

Well, in fact I bought FOUR.

My latest DISCOVERY at the charcuterie counter are these small smoked dried sausages known as 'Gendarmes', they are quite similar in taste and texture to the Polish 'Kabanos' sausages.

Usually known as 'Landjäger' sausages in Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, they become 'Gendarmes' in Alsace and elsewhere in France.

'Gendarmes' are made from 50/50 Beef and Pork, with flavouring of sugar, red wine, and spices.

A tasty little 'pocket-sized' snack, that quite probably only appears during the winter Choucroute (Sauerkraut) season.

If you can find them, I recommend you try them. If you like Kabanos sausage, you'll like these.

Oh how I love discovering new edible delights; especially charcuterie delights!

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  1. Just the sight of them has my mouth watering - never mind - mince again.

    1. I think it's the smoking process that gives them that 'come buy me' appearance.

  2. Will pop into Leclerc on my next trip to France - might even bring it forward for such a fine sausage!

  3. I'm just back from the Compact Royce's biannual tyre kicking farce (CT-MOT). She passed with flying colours, so she can take to the roads with impunity for another two years.

  4. Husband thanks you mightily for this post...I however have a new grocery-challenge!

  5. At the butcher shop I drive to in a very small village about 50 miles away from me, they make these, and smoke them in an old fashioned smokehouse. I'm sure they are the same as Polish, which we have here in plenty but only in October here. They are awesome. Not only if I could find a good cheese, which we do not have here.

  6. My husband has a love affair going with our butcher shop. If they start dressing the sausage and chops up in lingerie I don't think I'll ever see him again.

  7. So cheeky ...
    I found the response you asked for, or at least a report of it:
    but now I've lost it in intertubes ... (just tried to cut and paste a link that didn't work, sorry)

  8. looks rustic and thoroughly satisfying.

  9. You did it mention garlic. No decent sausage is complete without garlic, a lot of garlic.

  10. Love the name. I wonder what les Gendarmes think of having a sausage named after them. Particularly a small sausage. Men are men, after all!


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