Tuesday 23 October 2012

The subject that should never be broached.

General Election, Whitney Oxfordshire May 2010. 'Cameron and his opponents' (Cameron won).

Above is a typical line-up of hopefuls at an English General Election. From the Left. 1. Bloke dressed as 'Jesus' with a bee in his bonnet about some unknown and unimportant (other than to him) subject. 2. Old codger who wants everyone to ride bikes and eat muesli. 3. Retired (or resting) actor who sees himself as another Schwarzenegger. 4. Fat Socialist. 5. Slim Conservative. 6. Monster Raving Loony Party bloke.

It's wherever you turn..... bloody politics. The older I get, the more disillusioned I become with the whole lot of them.

I don't vote any more, and I align myself with no particular party. I prefer to think of myself as a member of some Common Sense Union; drawing the best (i.e. the least disastrous) from each of the major parties.

The problem is that ALL mainstream political parties have been hijacked by 'lobbyists' from the PC, elf-n-safety, human rights, and arms-manufacturing brigades; when what's really needed is a strong intelligent figurehead who's not going to be pushed around.

If you're just about to vote, I hope you make the right choice; not necessarily for YOU, but for the rest of us! And please, let's not elect a bunch of barmy warmongering lying self-obsessed despots; there are enough of those around already.


  1. If I looked closely at the candidates running in our presidential and state elections, I am sure I could find characters similar to those shown in the picture. I do vote and I choose those who are interested in the future of our children, our environment, our country, and our world. They all claim to be that person, but unfortunately, they are all in the pockets of the people who paid to get them there. I like our President, so he gets my vote. However, he does not walk on water, as once touted, and he has people he owes also. The amount of money to get someone elected in the US is atrocious and immoral.

  2. I like our President, too, and he has my vote. The day the Supreme Court said businesses were equal to people was a sad day indeed for the American people. I do believe in voting though. If you don't like any of the candidates then let it be known by spoiling your ballot. I do believe we should all have our say, one way or the other.

  3. I have just had a polling card come asking for my vote on a new police commissioner. What!

    1. That's a new one! What's next; voting for dustmen?

  4. Ha ha, like that. Now do I vote for that loud mouth, adulterous yob who lives just over the river in Hull, he wants to be our first Police Commissioner. Or do I vote for some normal bloke?

  5. I have just been asked to vote for a Police Commissioner, but I have absolutely o idea who the candidates are, nor do I fully understand what the role of the office entails. I am not even sure what the role of an ordinary police officer is these days.

  6. Perhaps the blogging world should elect its own government....no one accepting sponsorship to be eligible to vote.
    I keep hearing how powerful the social network is (whatever it is)...so it might be an interesting experiment.

  7. Those are quite the choices and they look suspiciously like the last line up for prime minister over here.

  8. I tire of politics, too. I do vote, and try to learn what i can about the candidates so i can vote for the person i think best. It's easier to gather more information that's actually useful in local elections.

    I'm afraid common sense ain't so common these days. Pity.

  9. I often vote "against" as much as I vote "for." This time I'm voting against someone who has declared that he doesn't give a dan about a full 47% of the citizenry.


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