Wednesday 31 October 2012

Bring 'em on!!!

I'm ready for the little blighters. Two packets of R├ęglisse for ME, and one packet of assorted Haribo fizzy sweets for THEM. 

I'm only expecting about 6 children, so I'll join in the non-fun with my skeleton gloves, a bit of make-up, and my Dracula cape. If I knew EXACTLY what time they were coming, I'd organise something really spooky and frighten the bloody breakfast out of them.

I really do HATE Halloween... honest!

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  1. Methinks he protesteth too much

  2. I might need to hop on my broomstick and come visit! (Love the skeleton hands)

  3. Are you wearing your skeleton gloves in the photograph?

    Halloween is usually a dreadful disappointment, I've only lived in one village where the local grublings were imaginative enough to paint an upside down cross on my door for ignoring them, in dripping red paint. I left it there until I moved; it discouraged unnecessary callers.

  4. Cro I have zero tolerance to halloween and the other fools who think it is Samhain - which is not until 5/6th Nov.
    There is nothing worse in my mind than the wishy washy half baked fluffy christians play acting at being plastic witches.

  5. I am with Kate, I am not convinced. Your place sounds like the sort of place I would love to go to as a kid. Isn't that what Halloween is all about; scaring the bejesus out of folks!!!

  6. I think Halloween is dying a slow and painful death over here. Fewer kids every year, vigilant parents on the sidewalks, oddballs doctoring candy. I can see it petering out completely over the next few years. Too bad. It used to be an innocent night of fun where kids could go out in disguise and mothers would make home made fudge to hand out.

  7. I'm with mybaby. Used to be a great way to interact with one's neighbors and get to know the kids in the neighborhood. A night of harmless fun. We need more nights like this.

  8. Well I for one enjoy the occasion, it is still put on in very big fashion here in the neighborhood, starting with the annual Giant Pumpkin Parade. Last year we had well over 100 marchers.

  9. I share mybabyjohn/Delores's view that it was/is a fun night.

    When i was growing up, one of our neighbours got into the spirit of things by dressing up as Dracula and made his dining room table look like a coffin. He'd lie in his coffin waiting for kids to come up to the doorway. The bravest would peer in, and at just the right moment, Mr L would rise up, flash his fangs, and the kids would run screaming from his house. I don't know how he kept from laughing.

    Even those of us who knew him jumped when he sat up to greet us as he lay so still just a moment before.

    1. My local kids have now just been by, and I'm proud to say that I scared the bejeezus out of them!!!

      Even some of the adults wet themselves.

  10. I want some of that candy! Hey, don't scare the kids too much. They will come back with toilet paper . . .

  11. Cro, one of my blog friends Molly, is trying to identify a toadstool/mushroom can you help?


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