Sunday, 17 July 2022

Scottish MPs thrown out of Prime Minister's Questions.

The House of Commons at Westminster can often seem like a noisy Bear Pit. Shouting, laughing, and insinuating; this is how things are done, and have always been done. To control all this is the job of The Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who's word must be obeyed; or else.

When, last Wednesday, I turned on my TV to watch PMQ's (one of Boris's last) I was met by this commotion, with poor Lindsay Hoyle attempting to control the troublemakers. Eventually he threw them out.

The culprits were Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill; two members of some unimportant Scottish political party connected to the disgraced Alex Salmond.

Poor Hoyle, he looked like a comedian at times; fiddling with his glasses, breaking into falsetto, and looking quite confused. He had to ask for the exact wording to kick them out, as well as having to ask for their names. All good fun from a blunt Northern lad. Enjoy.


  1. That's very dramatic. Nothing is held back. A warning and then removal must be the rule.

  2. You give the impression you don't like people from the North.

    1. Don't be silly. Calling him a 'blunt Northern lad' is a compliment.

    2. I am a sharp Northern lad and I think Hoyle was losing it. I much preferred John Bercow. It is an outrage that Peevish Johnson denied him the place in The Lords that he had earned.

    3. I do rather like Hoyle. He doesn't have the same grasp of the job as Bercow, but he's much more fun.

    4. Bercow ruined Brexit and his wife ruined the last months of McAlpine's life with her gossip and lies. The two Bercows are despicable people. Bercow made the job of speaker into a show about himself.


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