Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The great quandary.

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The increasingly popular Boris wanted a General Election; and he's eventually got it (Dec 12th). His Conservative Party will probably win; not necessarily because people love Boris, but because they detest Corbyn and his menacing Marxists.

Only those who like the idea of the UK becoming a latter day Venezuela will put their X anywhere near the Socialists.

However, this election really shouldn't be taking place without a prior 'deciding referendum' about bloody Brexit.

I never thought I'd say this, but, as an alternative I rather like Keir Starmer's proposal; which sadly would depend on a disastrous Labour Party election win. Starmer would re-negotiate Brexit terms with Brussels, hold a second referendum, then as a committed 'remainer'; vote against it. Corbyn,of course, would vote to for it. YOU work it out!

Personally I would like to see a 'remain' party win the election, but not at the expense of Socialism's mismanagement. Just imagine what the two major 'remain' parties would do to the poor UK's economy. It hardly bears thinking about.

Brexit really should have been SETTLED FIRST; and don't say I didn't tell you!


  1. With many traditional Labour voters in the north of England talking about voting for Johnson but otherwise wouldn't dream of voting Tory, I think your prediction is spot on.

    1. Everyone is talking of 'tactical voting' which may give an eventual winner, but not the one people really want. The whole Brexit business should have been sorted first.

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