Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The bloody cheek!

Last night, Corbyn proved my point. The UK Marxists (Labour) think that, during their election campaign, if they shout something loud enough, and for long enough, that somehow people will believe them. This is their attitude towards privatisation of the NHS; they don't stop saying that the Tories will sell to Trump. What bloody nonsense.

It might be worth reminding those merry Marxists that under Gordon (son of the Manse) Brown, and his 'Private Finance Initiative' (PFI), the UK was left with debts of £300 Billion, after privatising projects to a value of £55 Billion. His PFI projects for the NHS alone cost over £80 Billion for projects costing just £11 Billion. Not only were these privatisation projects extremely costly, but they also came with enormous interest payments, and strings attached for 'facilities maintenance'.

There are many examples of these attached 'strings', where only specific named contractors were allowed to change light bulbs etc, one being of a job that cost the NHS £52,000, which would normally only have cost £750. The examples are endless, and continue to this day. Looking for NHS privatisation and wastage? Look no further than Brown.

One of the major private finance Co's who built NHS hospitals under the PFI scheme is Innisfree, who are responsible for building almost 20 hospitals, including London's famous 'Bart's' (above).

So, Corbyn, look to your own camp when talking about privatising the NHS; and don't try to tar the Tories with your own disastrous brushes. I think that you might also find that the NHS could negotiate far better deals with non-EU pharmaceutical Co's, than they are currently doing with our German 'partners', etc.


  1. It matters little here who is in power, the wastage of both the public and private sectors knows no bounds if compared to the way a homeowner monitors what work they are paying for. In my state when the conservatives privatised the operation of public transport, the costs were horrendous and many of the companies eventually just walked away and the operation is back in government hands.

    1. The NHS is blighted by very high salaries for 'managers', terrible waste through general expenses, and huge interest payments to private hospital ownership under the PFI. In many ways I think it is probably over-funded; take away all the waste and it would run smoothly again.

  2. PFI had already been a failure in France and Brown was warned off it but still went ahead as far as I remember at the time.

    1. I think the Socialists should come clean, and put the blame where it's deserved. They might also like to acknowledge Wilson's closing of 290 Coal mines, instead of demonising Thatcher over 160.

    2. During the rise of Arthur Scargill in the NUM during the 1960s and 1970s it is worth noting that the young John McDonnell was at his father's knee, a trade union official in TGWU, lapping up the religion of the trade unionist movement and is now poised to bring it all back.

  3. I detest the preferred suppliers system. I once needed some videotapes for a project on which I controlled the budget. Bought them at a third of the price on the high street and fiddled it back on travel expenses. However, Brown and Blair were many things, but not Marxists.

    1. Cro didn't say they were Marxists if that is what you are implying.

    2. No, it's current bunch who are openly Marxist.

  4. If you want to buy drugs, you have to use an outside supplier. The outside suppliers have you by the balls when it comes to pricing, justifying the high costs on the length of time it takes to develop, test and get a licence to sell them. Most of our drugs come from the E.U. at the moment. The USA wants to be the preferred supplier to the NHS once we leave the E.U. It is already on the road to privatisation and Trump wants a piece of the action. This is what Corbyn - and everyone else - is talking about. If you can curb greedy multi-nationals like Bayer, then you will save money for the NHS.

    1. But of course you cannot curb greedy multi-nationals. I would prefer the E.U. to supply your medicines while you are living in France than the greedy multi-nationals in the USA, but then I am prejudiced.

    2. Healthy competition usually creates lower prices; it's only in a cartel (such as the EU) where they can control high prices. Just because contracts would be open to world tenders doesn't mean we couldn't still buy from a German Co; provided their price was right.

    3. Yes. Healthy competition does. There is nothing healthy about the current situation though is there, or do you know otherwise?

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