Tuesday 15 January 2013

You avin' a larf?

Political heavyweight, Eric Pickles (above), has recently put all Englishmen's minds at rest with his optimistic statement about England's near-future immigration numbers.

Eric, who is Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (whatever that is), has estimated the influx of Bulgarians and Romanians (after December 31st 2013) as possibly, somewhere in the region of, roughly, approximately, round about, 300,000-ish.

Let me assure Mr Pickles that he is wrong. Just as Tony Blair totally underestimated the mass immigration influx due to his 'Open Door Policy', so has Eric underestimated the determination of the Bulgarians and Romanians to come and take everything to which (the EU insists) they will soon become entitled.

And don't forget, Eric; they will also require housing, policing, health care, and schooling for their hoards of children.

I reckon you could easily add another zero to your estimate, Eric.... just ask Tony! 

And don't say I didn't warn you. 


  1. For most Englishmen/women, the greatest fault of the EU is that faceless, nameless, and unelected, bureaucrats in Brussels can tell the UK what they can and can't do. This includes allowing a massive influx of benefit hungry Romanians and Bulgarians after 31. 12. 13.

    I just thought I'd better make that clear!

  2. Funny how the average man in the street can see these things, but the people in charge can't?

  3. If they are all the size of Eric Pickles, he could easily double the figure in terms of space taken up. Still, look on the bright side Cro - at least you won't be thrown out of France any time soon.

  4. It will be like Berlin just after the Wall came down.

  5. What an intellectual giant our dear Mr Pickled is, with his little gravy-train spoon and bib.

    I remember him when he was no more than a knee-high councillor spouting vile nonsense and poring over his expenses with a fine-tooth shovel, and yet look at him now; a Secretary of State spouting vile nonsense and poring over even more in expenses with all of the economy and abstinence of a Gloucester Old-Spot JCB at a feed trough.

    What a magnificently analytical neuron there must be buried somewhere deep and safe in that head of his.

  6. No wonder they need us all to work until we drop before they give us our measly pensions.

  7. Over here they're bribing the Romanians to go back home. They pick them up from their camp sites in Parisian public parks/roundabouts/etc, bung them €5,000, and expect them to stay back home. Of course they spend the dosh on a good holiday, then come straight back again with a few more family members(as is their right). Crazy world.

  8. even as I read this ...he is on the radio...I liked him more after hearing him on "Desert Island Discs"...how we are influenced!!

  9. Wouldn't it just be simpler if we got rid of all the borders, currencies, governments and perhaps languages, and just became citizens of the planet?

  10. In the United States we have a lot of immigrants and a lot of illegal immigrants. They tend to do the jobs that affluent (and even poor) white people won't do. Like grow our food at very low cost, clean our hotels for a pittance, mow our lawns for a song. Our nation would shut down if they were all sent home.

    1. England has some wonderful immigrants. The Indian population keep the place running almost by themselves. Unfortunately the country is now FULL, and resources are at bursting point. If these expected arrivals would come to work, all would be OK, but they generally arrive to take advantage of England's unbelievably generous benefit system. I fear the worst.

  11. I guess the influx of immigrants is a bit of a problem all over the world, but I don't see a solution coming any time soon. With the political mindset leaning more and more towards thinking in global terms, borders separating countries are becoming more porous all the time.


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