Sunday 13 January 2013

Owners and their Dogs.

Lady Magnon liked to think that Monty was HER dog, and Bok was MINE.

On the principal that owners grow to resemble their dogs, I shall attempt a comparison.

Bok: Alert, proud, and insomniac. Monty: Comatose, lazy, and a stentorian snorer.

Bok: Lithe, beautifully-groomed, and handsome. Monty: Cumbersome, over-weight, and permanently moulting.

Bok: Selectively gourmet. Monty: Gimme cake, gimme cake.

Bok: Affectionate and faithful. Monty: Gimme cake, gimme cake.

Strange; Lady M has just recently changed her mind about who's dog is who's. Bok, she now says, is HER dog, and Monty has been re-designated as MINE.

I wonder why?

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  1. Ha! This obviously says more about the owners than their dogs - methinks.

  2. My old Toby boy will no longer be a picky eater, from here on in he is 'selectively gourmet'. His one weakness is cake. Offer him steak or cake and he'd be saying 'Gimme cake'. Both your boys are wonderful.

  3. Bok and Monty are yin and yang..together they make one whole perfect dog just as you and your lady M together make a perfect couple. What would life be without a little cake?

  4. You are in so much trouble!!!

  5. Oh, that'a funny. It's a woman's purogative to change her mind, you know.


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