Tuesday 11 October 2011

More eggs, and some walnuts.

I know that I posted an egg photo just a few days ago, but I thought you might like to see another one (who are you kidding!).

Our 3 hens are all the same age, eat the same food, and live together in relative harmony. Yet, the difference in egg sizes is extraordinary. The egg (front middle) is tiny; I honestly thought a pigeon must have got into the laying box by mistake. It doesn't look that tiny in the photo, but it's probably a quarter the size of the others. Do you like my 'antique' egg-cup?

The walnuts have now started falling, and I'm out every day getting a good stock in before either Monty, the badgers, or the squirrels eat them all.

I try to eat about 6-8 each day, and I drink a teaspoon of walnut oil each morning.

Oily fish and oily nuts are at the front of nature's medicine cabinet. These combined with plenty of fruit and green vegetables, and I can't see why I shouldn't live forever.

I was just chatting to a neighbour who said that the chestnut harvest this year has been a disaster. Lack of rain at the right moment, and too much sunshine, has left the nuts dried up inside. If you want some for Christmas, I suggest you buy them in tins; NOW!

p.s. I'm just off to Ireland to pick up Ms O'Hara (my partner for The Willow Ball), we shall fly on to America tomorrow morning. I shall, of course, inform you of any scandal, drunken behaviour, or dalliance.   
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  1. Lovely egg shot.. didn't those little egg holders come with chocolate Easter eggs in them originally?

  2. I've no idea Delores, I bought mine at a nearby junk sale.

  3. We scrumped a bag of walnuts to bring back to the UK. They were almost ready to fall off the tree but not quite. So I had to swing from the branches to make them fall. It's OK, the tree did not suffer. (Adore the egg cup.)

  4. You have fabulous nuts Cro.

    Don't worry about the egg size/shape. It's kind of nice to know which egg comes from which chicken. All my chooks lay specific sized and coloured eggs.

    They'll all taste great I'm sure.

  5. Nice photos, Cro. I have been passing on your 'nut diet' to my 'son-in-law', but he isn't so health conscious as you, despite having diabetes.

  6. The 'nut diet' only works with copious amounts of red wine and goose fat!

  7. cro
    people find "uneven" eggs a strange phenomenon. this is probably because when they buy eggs from the shop, they are uniformly picked and packaged

  8. Wonderful pictures. Love the eggs.

  9. I would probably be posting eggs everyday, if I had them!! Go ahead and post all you like. Lots of nuts too, and I am going to take your health advice on that one. I love peanuts (dry roasted) does that count, or has all the oil been dried out? Where are you coming to America? Don't get in too much trouble and have a great time!!!

  10. I love this post...just kind of makes you feel happy!!

  11. I like that egg cup. I used to one like that when I was little. Always made the egg taste better.

  12. Higglepy, Piggleby, My black hen,
    She lays eggs For gentlemen;
    Sometimes nine, And sometimes ten,
    Higglepy, Piggleby, My black hen!

    I remember this rhyme from childhood but I didn't have eggs 'from the farm' back then, but I can say as sure as eggs is eggs that they taste delicious thank you Roger for the egg present.
    (As Roger said to me; "What would you like more than anything else in the world that drops out of a bird?" "Eggs!" I said. And there they were.)

  13. That egg cup is loverly. So are the eggs. We may enjoy large and extra large eggs, but I suspect the chickens are quite happy when they're on the small, easy-to-pop-out size.


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