Wednesday 5 October 2011

Cauchemare. Albtraum. Pesadilla. Incubo. Hunllef (Welsh).

I don't often have real nightmares, in fact throughout my life I've had unbelievably few.

About 20/25 years ago I had one about 'the death sentence'. A man was about to be hanged for some horrendous murders, and it was MY duty to 'string him up'. I remember waking and being suddenly radically anti hanging (I'm now back on the fence).

My last nightmare, which must have been over 10 years ago, was probably the most frightening; it concerned my dying before having grandchildren, and the horror lasted for ages. This came as a quite a shock, because the question of grandchildren had never really been a major personal issue. There must be something very powerful going on in one's inner psyche to have had such a devastating effect.

Thank goodness it didn't come true (see above for 'one' bit of proof).
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  1. Obviusly something very, very deep down there Cro. That's one nightmare you shouldn't have again anyway.

    I've had a series of disturbing dreams / nightmares just lately. All very dark and weird. Very difficult to make any sense out of any of them.

    Bloody Mature Cheddar!

  2. Chris. I read recently that the association of cheese eating with nightmares has been disproved. Mind you; someone's bound to come along and associate it again.

  3. I can honestly say that it's true.

    I have a habit of eating some bread and cheese (I am a peasant) before I go to bed as a snack.

    It's like dropping dairy acid for me...

  4. I love this picture. And I love how much you love your grandchildren. You can tell by his expression how happy he is to be around you!

  5. We almost had grand-twins a few years ago...sadly it didn't happen, and then, after the doctor's handiwork, my youngest daughter was left with such a badly scarred uterus it's unlikely she will ever be able to carry a baby to term.
    Life is crazy eldest daughter is in a relationship with a man who has a four-year old I'm learning how to be an extended-family-granny.

  6. That's very sad, Jacqueline. Life offers strange rewards; a slap on the face here, and a pat on the back there. I suppose that's what makes it all so interesting, if occasionally heartbreaking.

  7. I'm glad neither of your nightmares came true. Grandchildren are the best thing about growing older, and the fact that you were concerned about the possibility of not having any is a strong indication of how much you love them now.

  8. We all want to live on - somehow, someway. The afterlife I believe in is my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so forth.

    I see my dad's dimple on one of my granddaughter's face. It is a marvelous thing.

    Love the picture.

  9. Lucky, lucky man. I always thought that I would be a grandmother some day but it has not happened. It is hard to adjust to the idea that there will not be a generation to follow after my daughters.
    Your photograph is delightful, as is your appreciation of your grandchildren.


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