Friday 21 October 2022

Hi Di Hi.

It's been a tad blustery today, and at least one 'happy camper' will return to find his home gone. I just saw it tumbling down the hill towards Dover. 

No-one really minds if people pitch their tents somewhere discrete. They tend to be reasonably well behaved and are not the usual aggressive druggies that one sees wandering the streets at night and fighting.

I wonder if he ever got his tent back? After I took this photo it was already down by that white car.


  1. Perhaps his socks are in there - as a tumble dryer?

  2. You don't need blustery gusts of wind to take down your tent. The French police just trash it. Don't ask. Or do. There we were, little innocents in our late teens. Saintes-Marie-de- la-Mer/Camargue, close to Nice, sometime in the late Seventies. Swathes of sand - largely unpeopled. Returning from town, baguette in hand and watermelon in tow finding our abode and that of our neighbours in shambles. At least we weren't fined. And to top it all, that day I lost one of my contact lenses, spent ages sifting sand. Honestly, Cro, I sometimes despair with myself. Who but me would go on the hopeless quest of trying to retrieve a contact lens in a sea of sand? And, no, I didn't find it. Ask a bookie what chance I had. Exactly.

    Before writing to you, in the name of research I just googled Sainted-Marie-de-la-Mer. Wikipedia, interestingly, doesn't mention what it was famous for (apart from Hemingway and Picasso taking an interest). Namely, the gypsies and their vans camping there every year. Must have been before my time since there weren't any when we were there.


    1. They only visit there en masse once a year, not unlike the Appleby Horse Fair.

  3. Tents are common today. Look at NYC where they have recently built a temporary tent city to house newly arrived immigrants. Capacity 500. Boston has decamped homeless from their tents on a sidewalk and moved them to housing. Last week, new tents showed up. People living in tents sends a sad message.

  4. That's the problem with roads, you can't hammer in a few stabilising tent pegs.


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