Tuesday 25 November 2014

Revolting Youf (repeat).

'Our youth loves luxury, has lack of manners, disregards authority, and has no respect whatsoever for older people. Today's children are tyrants, they contradict their parents, and tyrannise their teachers. They are just very bad'.

Sound familiar? Well, that was written by Socrates in 400 BC (BME). And an inscription on a Babylonian pot dating from a staggering 4,500 years earlier than that, states...

'The youth is rotten from the very bottom of their hearts. These young people are malicious and lazy, and they will never be as youth used to be before'.

So, nothing much has changed. Certain young people will always be a pain in the rectum, they always have been and always will be; we've had the wisdom of several millennia to get used to the idea. I just wish the current crop wouldn't spray silly squiggles all over all our walls.

Youf always gets bad press. I'm just waiting for them to adopt a new trend of helping old ladies across the road, and saying please and thank you! I may have to wait a while.

N.B. I'm repeating this posting from October 2011 simply because it amuses me, and needs to be noted.

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  1. Cro, I would have to agree and disagree with this post. Indeed there are youth that are obnoxious little snots but then I've met youth that are very respectful and have a head full of wisdom way beyond what I had when in my 20s. Teenagers are just a given to be raging, hormonal, authority challenging, idiots. Many of us never grow up until we are into our 40s. If I look back on how I was during those teen and early twenty years, there's a lot of things that I'm not really proud of doing.

    Yes the complaints of youth have only changed in one way as I see it. They're more high tech now days. :-)

    Have a great youthful heart day.


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