Friday, 23 May 2014

See-Saw Politics.


Sometimes politicians amaze me; these two above in particular.

Thank goodness the current UK government (a centre right party) has managed to get the UK's economy back on track. The UK, according to the World Bank, is now top of the G7 countries in leading the way to recovery.

The Blair Brown fiasco is now well behind us. Dear old Tony, as soon as he spotted that his policies had created a 'brink of disaster' situation, he quit his job and passed the buck to inept Gordon Brown, who flogged-off the family silver (for a pittance), then sat back and watched the economy take a nose dive. Tony has since gone on to make MILLIONS.

UK politics follows this pattern regularly. The left are elected, then leave office with the economy in tatters, then the right are elected and return to more austere policies to bring things back to normality. The left hate austerity so they elect another spending Socialist government, and the country's finances go haywire again. The circle continues.....

This time the UK's 'Cameron and the work-experience lad' coalition inherited an appalling mess, and have worked miracles to rescue the country from disaster; even the loony left seem to have realised this and thank goodness they have; another term of Socialism, and the UK would have started to look like Spain, Greece, or Portugal .

Of course, I quite expect at the next general election, the country will vote for another term of spend spend spend politics, and it'll all go wrong yet again.

May I suggest the following changes to UK Political Party names....

Labour: The Tax, Spend, and Bankrupt Party.

Conservative: The Tighten your Belts Party.

Lib Dem: We haven't a Bleedin' Clue Party.

UKIP: Mr Farage's Party.

Monster Raving Loony: Still The Monster Raving Loony Party.

The Greens: The Hug a Tree-Hugger Party.



  1. I am having VIRUS trouble. If any words above are highlighted in blue, DO NOT click on them. I'm hoping my computer genius friend Craig will get rid of it for me.

  2. Ed Milliband's grasp of economics is even worse than Brown's.

  3. You sound just like my husband!

  4. Hey at least if the swap terms on a regular basis you have some degree of balance. Here in the state of Maine we have 40 plus yrs of control by the "spend like its going out of style party" and thus Forbes ranked the state as the 50th business favorable in the nation. 3 out of 4 residents are on some form of welfare or an other. Not a sustainable picture.

  5. I doubt very much that David Cameron and his cabinet of millionaires have done much belt tightening since they were elected.


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