Saturday 12 April 2014

Boules player.

I posted similar pictures of my cheeky Boules player jug about 4 years ago, but I'm giving him a second outing.

I bought him about 25 years ago. He was sitting in the window of a small village tobacconist/newsagent, and I simply couldn't resist. 

He is the epitome of a southern French Boules player; pencil moustache, white cap and trousers, and garish shirt. If he could speak, he would sound exactly like Fernandel; if he was drinking, it would have to be a Pastis.

I would love to pour wine from him, but I fear that the inside might be too tricky to clean properly.

I'll just have to admire him, and accept that he's simply a 'novelty jug'.


  1. If I had seen him first I would have had him.

  2. He is absolutely lovely - I collect pretty jugs and would love to have him on my shelf.

  3. He is brilliant and I love the fact that he is in the bowling position ! It's a shame that you can't use him for red wine as he would make a great talking point at the dinner table.
    Many thanks for your good wishes Cro …… we have had a bit of a scary time over the last three weeks. XXXX

  4. Good job you gave it away in the title or the first photo would have me thinking of a different ball game entirely!

    I love a good game of boules, In fact, with all these kids, I think I will build a playing surface and import a set.

  5. I think that jug scares me a little bit!

  6. Love your crazed boules player!


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