Sunday 9 June 2013

Useful Instructions.

I've been known, in the past, to moan about the instructions for flat-pack furniture assembly. 

We've just bought a couple more teak pool-side chairs. Not only did they come 'ready-to-use', but they also came with these wonderfully useful instructions of how to open them.

Now all we have to do is to work out how to sit on them (sadly, no instructions for this tricky manoeuvre were included).
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  1. Folding chairs are a might tricky to sit on. We have a few for extra seating around the table and we take care to use them ourselves rather than have our company end up on the floor.

  2. So they still make those things? Maybe they thought it would improve sales if they added instructions for setup. Guess what the customer really wants is instructions for sit down. I remember them being kind of uncomfortable but definitely preferable to standing up or sitting on concrete.

  3. Have a glass of red and sit on a cushion cro

  4. My experience of those chairs is not good, I think they are ok for about half an hour, unless you put a thick cushion on the seat ?

  5. Funny that they'd show you how to fold open a chair.


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