Thursday 27 June 2013

Hey, it's ViZion - Summer Time feat. Nebula868

Just listen to that Bajan accent. Uncle Cro's Barbados based 'nephew', ViZion, is at it again.

Not really my kinda music, but I do like to 'spread the word'. Maybe the younger members of your entourage might like a listen. Good lookin' boy! (that's him at the bottom, in the shades)

Where's my cup, man.


  1. Not my type of music either, but it is young and fun.

  2. I could only stand to listen for about 5 seconds!
    But I'm sure that's what my mum used to say about the Stones! She was more of a Mario Lanza person.
    Progress eh ?!

    1. I manage a bit longer, but it's never going to be favourite style of music.

  3. Not my cup of tea, either but i can see this being played in a lot of clubs.


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