Wednesday 26 June 2013

Some Poolside Frippery.

A quick poolside tour of pots, ducks, pixies, junior chairs, lanterns, flowers, and lions heads. 

And who told you two that you could sit there!

You're supposed to be vicious Guard-Dogs, not a couple of prima donnas, smooching around by the pool all day. Dogs eh!

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  1. Very smart pooches! A lovely selection for your poolside lifestyle. The rubber duck is a nice touch!

  2. Ha-ha, love the dog loungers. Ice plant is doing well then?

  3. Cool pool, Cro.

    The dogs are awesome. Their 'live' pic was a really great, unexpected touch in the line of photos of things.

  4. Nice to see your dogs follow the “no dogs on the furniture rule” as well as ours. I love the little rose, very nice.

    1. It's 'supposed' to be called Pink Pixy but I think it was an invented name.

  5. I've got the exact same chair, the folding wooden jobby. I bought it on ebay thinking it was a full size steamer chair! It is now in a state of collapse due to me leaving it out in all weathers. I never was brave enough, to oh so gently lower my derriere into its clutches. Fear of me ending up looking a witch, just about to be burnt at the stake, as the whole thing collapsed into faggots with me atop, somehow stopped me!

    Proud boys.


  6. I had to laugh at the dogs!! So funny how they think everything you put out there is for their use. Your pool side is lovely.

  7. Every one of these photos would make a delightful post card!

  8. Bless em! I love the lion's head and that lantern!

  9. what delightful poolside scenes! I (almost) felt I was there. and yes, those, ahem, guard dogs, look perfectly at ease. you have such a little paradise there, Cro. thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. I love your "prima doggas"!


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