Monday 24 June 2013

F****oo* and F****oo*


I read recently that many young people divide their lives into just two distinct departments; what they eat and how they inter-react.

I  wrote the title (above) as such, simply because I was intrigued to see how similar these two words could be made to appear.

It doesn't take much to work-out that the two incomplete words are Fastfood and Facebook.

My circle of teens is limited, but they certainly do eat on the hoof, and they certainly do converse by 'social media'. It must be a bizarre era in which to be a teen.

Of course things could be made easier for teenagers; Chelsee and Dawayne could combine their two major obsessions and concentrate all their time on just one. How about 'Fastbook' or 'Facefood'; personally I'd go for the latter.

Facefood innit.


  1. Completely off the point I know, but last night I dreamt that we met up again - the same age as the lot you are talking about in this post. More on the point, I remember the buzz of excitement when a Wimpey Bar opened up in my home town, and that was the days when teenagers had to make appointments to meet under the clock or wherever. These days, appointments are almost never kept, because arrangements change so fast.

  2. This is one sick post Cro..

    1. The very thought of McD's always makes me feel sick!

  3. I could murder a BigMac right now...

    In fact, having read this, I might do something I have not done in years and have breakfast.

  4. everything going so fast...i wonder if today's teens get any leisure time that isn't filled with electronics...

    Here I go: in MY day we would gather our pals together and go backpacking for a few days. Live in the wilds, sit around a campfire at night and watch the night sky. (All while getting stoned and drunk of course.) Ahem, the point being, it was a REAL experience to be out there.

  5. This is hilarious.

    Of course, I read something *completely* different....


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