Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May Pole (Mai).

An English May pole, and a French May pole, are two very different things.

In England they are festooned with long ground-length ribbons, from which a bevy of pretty young maidens weave complicated patterns onto the pole itself, whilst dancing. All dangerously erotic.

In France no young girls are involved, they are simply erected to celebrate an event; usually the election of a Mayor or Councillor.

The one above appeared at a nearby house recently, and I was rather surprised to see that it celebrated the forthcoming marriage (or engagement) of the recently installed youngish couple. It states 'Honneur aux futurs mariés' (honour to the future married couple).

It is, without doubt, the very best May pole I've ever seen; I congratulate whoever was responsible for its decoration. Traditionally it should stay in situ until it falls apart.

I do hope you can enlarge the picture enough to see the details.

This, above, is much more representative of a local May pole; in this case honouring an old friend (now deceased) when he was elected to our tiny village council. I managed to save the important bit when it eventually fell down. It was me who added his name; Hervé.

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  1. The top part looks a bit like the top of a skinny Christmas tree. It is all very pretty.

  2. The coiled foliage culminating in a phallic motif is very apt. The pole is a bit thin, though, and tapers off like an aerial.

  3. In the village of Aby there is a similar tradition - any miscreant put in the hanging cages at the crossroads stays put until they begin to fall apart.

    I like the tradition of maypoles or May-Poles, whichever is correct; the underlying phallic suggestion makes the establishment sweat and mumble and rush to "decorate" and subvert!

  4. what a fabulous idea, much better than those photocopied photos of people taped to road signs and gates, getting more wind swept and tattier because they were not taken down after the birthday event had long passed.

  5. I have such fond memories from my childhood of doing the May Pole dance. You are right, that is the a really cool May Pole!! Love it, and thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow I wish the people that lived around me here in the US would do such charming, creative things. Lovely! Yours is a beautiful life, Cro!

  7. I was unaware of May poles. COngrats to the couple.

  8. Cro, I think you should have one for your little pirates when they arrive each time to show they are in residence,seroiously how excited would they be!
    We used to have a MAy Pole when i was at school the English way now it is a thing of the past same as cracker night all gone ...just memories of great fun and bonfires and dancing.

  9. What a wonderful tradition! That pole should make the newlyweds smile every time they look at it.

  10. I learned of May Pole origins in the last decade or so. Makes me blush when remembering May Pole stuff from school days. Little did we know.


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