Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Impatient Cro.

I should have left them where they were; in two days time they would have been considerably bigger.

But, that's a mushroom fanatic for you! I just had to pick them, and will throw them in with my roast chicken this evening (last night), along with a few chestnuts (it's feeling a tad autumnal here today).

The earliest I remember gathering Girolles was on a May 13th, so this is not far off my record. With any luck there'll soon be a few Cèpes around too.

I photographed them next to my small egg cup, just so you can see how desperate I was.

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  1. For tiffin yestereve, quite coincidentally, I had a most delicious crusty (and wonderfully soggy in parts) sandwich of very lightly sautéed musheroomies with a threatening of black pepper and a curate's collection tin rattle of chunky sea-salt. No idea what type of mushrooms; delicious brown well-behaved military type ones. Splendid. Food of the gods.

  2. Love that egg cup. I used to have one like it when I was little.

    1. Yes, it's nice isn't it. I'm always on the lookout for nice old eggcups at boot sales, but they're remarkably rare. Nasty ones are everywhere!

  3. I would be impatient, too, Cro. We had the most wonderful neighbour in his nineties, in France who had a particular liking for me. Many mornings I would find a plastic bag filled with all kinds of wonderful mushrooms and cepes from his early foraging. Sadly he died a few years ago -- never revealing where he found them...

  4. But they are awfully cute that small.

  5. One of my favorite treats is sitting in the quiet comfort of my front porch with a plate of sautéed mushrooms and a glass of wine.

  6. When it comes to fresh mushrooms, all is forgiven.

  7. That egg cup is AWESOME! It makes me want to rustle up a boiled egg right away. (My son used to call them 'boring" eggs but they could never been boring in that whimsical cup!)

    The musrooms look tiny and tender and yummy ... and I don't even like mushrooms!

  8. Those mushrooms are barely out of the womb, Cro.

    Tut tut.

  9. Love garlic mushrooms and crusty bread and nibbling raw too. Truly food of the gods.

    Anna :o]


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