Thursday 5 April 2012

Yet More Sausages.

As you might have already gathered; I'm rather keen on charcuterie.

The Chorizo, on the right, will be known to almost everyone. A spicy Spanish sausage either eaten raw, or cooked to add wonderful intense flavour to Mediterranean dishes. I often use it, finely sliced, as the basis for a pasta sauce.

The middle sausage is the classic saucisson of France; the 'Rosette de Lyon'. A sausage usually eaten with a selection of charcuterie, with bread (and maybe butter) as an entrée. The one above is good; but no more than average.

Finally, the one on the left is a recent discovery. It goes under the name of St Agaûne 'La Fine', and is a very meaty (non-minced) sausage; almost biltong-like, but less hard and dry. It has a very pronounced almost sweet flavour, and is probably best kept for special occasions. For this one I would definitely recommend unsalted butter with your baguette.

Discovering new charcuterie is one of life's pleasures (unless you're Jewish or Veggie), and something from which one should never be deprived. Bon app'.


  1. Now remember you don't want to gain alot of weight while Lady Magnon is gone. That'll be the first thing she says to you when she gets off that plane.(not to spoil your fun or anything.)

  2. I'd love to let loose in a garde manger as I enjoy grazing the buffet table. We have some smokey chorizo sausages we are trying for the first time for dinner tonight - a 'line' new from our supermarket - and I'm anticipating passing judgement on them.

    I like the look of the St Agaûne 'La Fine but there is no way we would find something like that in Australia other than in some specialty restaurant.

    I really miss France and French food and wines. I now regret having not spent more time there rather than touring the Celtic regions of the UK. The foods of southern Europe are so sophisticated, developed with patience over centuries of trying!

  3. Yes I'm a buffet fan too, a confirmed grazer. But you know, I've never tried charcuterie! You are tempting me though; and of course I have the hams air drying at the moment...perhaps I should get down the local deli and make up a platter?! Just add a few cheeses (which I love) and I'd be set!

  4. I always said that your blog was a load of Baloney.

    1. And knowing certain sausages; probably a lot of bollocks as well!

  5. They look devine, Mr. M. I am planning a short trip to a small town south and west of me. It is a private butcher shop that specializes in local fresh beef and pork, and they smoke and process their own sausages, which I am told there are many types they process, both smoked and dried.
    Take it easy on the delights, and save some for the lovely Lady M.

  6. Cro, they all look scrumptious! I can eat loads of protein and be all right, but my downfall is bread. I LOVE bread, although if i eat it daily, i pack on pounds like nobody's business :0(

    When i lived in France, i used to love the saucissons ails fumés (smoked garlic sausage). Some of that with a baguette or ficelle, and i was in heaven.


  7. I have never met a sauasge I didn't like! Give me a plate of charcuterie, good cheese, bread, olives and pickles and I will show you a woman content with the world!

  8. beautiful photo. you've got the whole sausage going there in France. and good wine to go with!

  9. I, too, love charcuterie -- it never seems to taste as good outside of France or Italy or Spain. What bliss!

  10. I second that you need a good glass of wine to go with all that sausage!

  11. I do love the Chorizo, unfortunately, my stomach doesn't anymore.

  12. I wish we could get delicious sausages like these in NZ! Well, we probably can but for a price! I shall have to enjoy them vicariously here.


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