Thursday 2 June 2011

The Price of Plonk.

I tend not to look at the price of things either at the supermarket or in local shops; if I want something I simply buy it.

But for some reason I looked at my today's bill, and noticed that my weekly 5 litre 'cubi' of red wine (piquette) still costs only €4.99 (£4.30). I know I've written about this before, but I mention it again because I recently heard an English news item, stating that in future, spirits, wine, and beer, will all be sold at some outrageous minimum price per unit of alcohol (whatever that means). This will no doubt make things so much easier for the Chancellor when (on budget day) he has to say 'I'm going to add another £2 on a unit of alcohol', etc.

This, apparently, is to save the nation from its evil ways (some bloody hope).  Why not tell the truth, and admit that it's just another way of raising phenomenal amounts of tax from those who take simple pleasure in abating their stress levels through the consumption of fruit juice; those 'stress levels' caused by work and taxation.

Enough to turn a man or woman to drink.
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  1. Hello:
    Here, here! From the Back Benches!


  2. ANY excuse to wring a few more quid out of poor people - all in the disguise of saving the nation's health. A friend of mine is visiting his daughter in Oslo now - he wasn't looking forward to it. a bottle of nasty plonk there costs about £40.

  3. That 's probably how the UK'll be in a few years!

  4. Sounds like it's time to start stomping your own grapes!

    flagolet beans
    was 49p
    now 79p

  6. They know that no matter how much they tax it, (of course, for our own good), people will continue to buy it. We need something to help cope with the messes that they got us into.

  7. looks like it is the same the world over,since our floods,cyclones etc the humble banana and tomato are outrageous and it has been months,the old banana is $12.99 a kilo! and the tomato not much less..then there is the milk war some selling for $2 for 2 Litres but the poor old dairy farmer will suffer this is over $1.70 less than the normal price,mind you it is only the large supermarkets doing this,now they have announced that America and New Zealand and several other countries will send us their apples and pears,would you believe they did that to the oranges as well a few years ago and our own producers have to plough theirs into the ground so now they are going to do it to the apple and pear producers..arrrgggg makes you angry the govmn is definately not for our own.(off my soapbox now)

  8. Everything seems to be going up by "leaps and bounds" lately. A lot of it seems to be blamed on the higher cost of transportation these days and some of it is simply greed. After all, if you can get fifteen cents for something why not try for a little more? When it comes to food I don't think the farmers are getting much more for their is all going somewhere in the middle between them and us.

  9. Ever since I was charged $50 in error for a bunch of bananas at the grocery store, I always check my receipt before leaving.

  10. Wine Prices have really rocketed in the UK over the last year or two.WE WILL SOON NEED AID PARCELS From France! Cheers,Tony;)


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