Wednesday 29 November 2023

Chalk and Cheese.

After all the relentless publicity given to the violent and nasty anti-Semitic mobs in London and elsewhere, how very refreshing to hear of a rally AGAINST anti-Semitism this last weekend, that passed-off without a nasty word, or a stone thrown. I do believe that Tommy Robinson was taken away by police for precautionary reasons, but that's no bad thing.

When one compares the two factions there is no question who I, and most peace-loving people, would support.



  1. Taken away for precautionary reasons - he was tear gased.

    And there were, I believe, two arrests.

    1. He was asked not to attend, but did so anyway. He was simply taken away; quite rightly.

  2. How lonely is the comment here. No one is interested in this?

  3. I'm glad it was peaceful and it was so well attended. Any rally can so easily turn violent. Just takes a few hot heads, as we all know.
    Our news has been taken over by the Elgin Marbles although Israel is still very much one of the top stories.

  4. I am glad it was a peaceful rally. I'm against anti-semitism too.


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