Wednesday 26 March 2014

Wills by Kimbo.

My oldest son, Kimbo, has an interesting sense of humour.

Many years back, he asked his younger brother, Wills, to sit for a portrait. Wills was too busy, and said 'NO'.

Kimbo (who must have been about 15 at the time) began to draw him anyway, and in an attempt to frustrate his attempts Wills sat shaking his head from side to side, saying 'don't draw me, don't draw me!'.

Above is the result. 

The tiny 2 by 3 inch drawing hangs just beside where I'm now writing, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.


  1. Would this be the same boy who you think drives a Phaeton? Clearly an intelligent and witty lad!

  2. Precious! I have a number of portraits of me done by my kids when they were little. My favourites are the ones with belly buttons, nipples and hands with 20 stick fingers.

  3. Very amusing, shows he has a keen sense of fun

  4. I do that whenever H.I. tries to draw me, that's why I am always asleep in her pictures. Great drawing from Kimbo!

  5. That really is a good sketch from Kimbo. Takes after you does he?
    I'll post a couple of lambs over to you if I get any more.

  6. He captured not only his face but his personality as well. That is a real treasure to have.

  7. What a great thing to have kept and displayed! I regret not having done the same with drawings my son made of his younger brother -- especially one which was captioned "If you look like this: KEEP OUT'' and taped to his bedroom door.

    1. I'm amazed you didn't keep THAT. It sounds like a classic.

  8. Love the drawing. Think you must have been a very good dad.


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