Friday 6 September 2013

The Boys Go Walkabout.

So, what did my little Aussie grandsons get up to when they were over in the UK!

GHG: Excuse me Mr Plod; but we're lost!

PC Plod: And what do you expect ME to do about it, Sunshine?

GHG: Take us home?

PC Plod: Which is where?


PC Plod: What, you want me to take you all the way back to Australia?

GHG: No, Silly; to our home here!

PC Plod: What's that 'PEYROT' written on your T shirts? Is that a hotel or something?

GHG: No, it's where our Grumpy lives.

PC Plod:  (studying his Brighton map) I can't find any 'PEYROT' around here.

GHG: No, Silly: it's in France.

PC Plod: What, you want me to take you all the way back to France then?

Finn: Look, can you just take us home.

PC Plod: If I knew where your home was; frankly, I'd be only too pleased to.

GHG: You stupid Pommy bastard; it's just round the corner, where all those women are shrieking, bawling, and tearing their hair out!

(The naughty boys got their ride in a Police Car, were returned, and are now spending a week or so in Langkawi, Malasia; on their way back to Oz; sigh!)


  1. "Where all the women are shrieking, bawling, and tearing their hair out." That could have been my house, Cro.

  2. What? No Irish stew?

    1. And where does PC Plod live? 999 Letsby Avenue!

    2. During the police operation they explored Avery Avenue.

  3. Oh Cro, that is such a funny story. One they will always remember I am sure. What punishment though ~ a bit harsh, a Malaysian prison for a week though you think?

  4. Good job they didn't spit a bit of chewing gum onto the pavement.

  5. Uh oh.....hopefully those awaiting at home were so relieved to see them they escaped dire punishment!

  6. Bless'm! lovely the natural honesty of little'ns.
    And they got a ride home. Good old PC Plod.
    Anna :o]

  7. The one in the front looks very ashamed. Glad they made it back okay!


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