Tuesday 6 August 2013

Best Mates.

The first time these boys met was in Bayreuth Germany in 2009. Now here they are again in Barcelona Spain in 2013, and still the best of friends.

Cousins Ollie and Finn just hit-it-off as if they'd never been apart.

What a wonderful international relationship this is turning-out to be.

p.s. I forgot to mention; Ollie lives in London UK, and Finn in Queensland Oz.

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  1. Seeing the picture and reading the story made feel good. I remember when my oldest and his cousin were about that age. They were inseparable.

  2. Nice to see - cousins are important when you are young - I think they keep the family together.

  3. Friends for life, I'm sure.

  4. what a lovely picture, very heart warming to start my day. thanks

  5. That is a wonderful picture. I hope they keep the relationship up all their lives.

  6. What a wonderful thing to see, isn't it? When our sons' kids met the first time, they took to each other immediately, too. No shyness at all. Just BOOM! Immediate friends for life, and no matter how much time passes between visits, they pick right up where they left off.

  7. Love your picture of those two little cousins - friendship for life.

  8. Cuzzies, as we say over here. Friends forever (with any luck.)


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