Thursday 16 February 2012


I have never particularly liked dogs with pink noses. Monty began life with a pukka cold damp and black one, but recently his has begun to turn extremely pink.

Being rather concerned I looked to Mr Google, who informed me that it MAY just be seasonal, and a return to black is possible come Spring/Summer.

I suppose dogs are really much like humans. In my own case I started off with a nice pink nose, which (Lady M amusingly informs me) has now become somewhere between Strawberry and Purple.


  1. As everyone has probably noticed, the word verification system has recently changed to 'time-consuming, illegible, and frustrating'. My page does NOT use WV, so may I suggest that you now disable it too (if you are still using it).

  2. One of the best things about dog's noses is that they are so responsive to black boot polish...

  3. Pink just does not look right....

    and WV does keep a lot of rubbish and nasties out.
    It is surprising how many of the words look as if they SHOULD mean something. Also surprising when they turn up with a relevant word.

    The squiggly WV is a pain, agreed.

    1. The old version wasn't too bad, but this new double one is beyond the pail.

    2. beyond the pale indeed..but at least you can request a different one until you can actually read one!

  4. Like WC Fields?

    Maybe WV has got worse to counter an increase in nuisance or threat?

  5. I say, I say, I say, my dog has no nose. (I really am going to Oxford today).

  6. Our next door neighbours dog had a pink nose and in summer they had to keep an eye on it in case it burned in the sun. Let's hope Monty goes back to the black.
    I believe I have no confirmation words on my site but if I do, someone please tell me so I can once again request it be removed.

  7. We used to own a beautiful Irish Setter with a pink nose. I liked it because it made him different. I have always been attracted to the those that are not the norm.

    I hate these new confirmation words as my sight is not as good as it once was. I long ago removed this from my blog, but since have been getting quite a bit of suspicious site visits from countries with not so honorable reputations. I do worry, but that is what I do best.

  8. I never thought about it much, the colour of dog's noses. When i was growing up, we had springer spaniels with brown noses, although my cousin had one with a brown and pink nose.

    I'm glad i'm not the only one who has found the word verification tedious. I thought at first my eyesight was really going! I did try the audio version one day when i couldn't seem to see anything correctly, and that didn't work for me, either.



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