Saturday 4 February 2012

Guess The Missing Links.

Lady dogs tend not to be too picky when it comes to choosing a father for their pups. We know that Monty is (at least) half Labrador; but what on earth could his father have been? Here are some clues....

1. He's permanently hungry.
2. Not very affectionate.
3. Addicted to carrying long ankle bruising sticks.
4. Moults like crazy, and farts a lot.
5. When fed by hand, he removes several fingers at same time.
6. Insists on a very long early morning pee.

And Bok; well he looks and behaves rather like a Border Collie, but he obviously isn't 100%. Any ideas? Again, a few clues...

1. Loves chasing horses and cars.
2. Insists on putting his two arms up on your chest at all times.
3. Very affectionate.
4. When concentrating he lifts his left arm backwards (like a Pointer).
5. Sleeps very, very close to the blazing fire.
6. Never goes for a pee in the early morning.

I suppose, in reality, the only way of knowing their other parental halves would have to have been there at the right moment. And seeing that no-one was, it's simply a matter of guess work! All guesses welcome!

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  1. Actually, they both sound as though they are half-human from those traits. With the exception of chasing cars they could be me on alternate days...

  2. The first description sounds like my teenage son LOL

    1. Yes, I see what you mean. Mine too (although no longer teenagers).

  3. Salut Crô Magnon,
    it is always so hard to tell. I wish I knew which dogs it has needed to get out our beautiful Flavie or Myrtille. And how the siblings of each of them looked...
    To me Monty looks a lot like Labrador and much of how you describe him seems to come from his mom. Perhaps a bit Beagle or other hunting dog in there?
    Bok seems to have some Lab, too, I think.
    Oh and for Monty's peeing, our spanish rat terrier (ratonero bodeguero andaluz) pees A LOT. And OFTEN. Can't believe how such a small dog can produce such a lot of liquid.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hmm, are you sure the first one wasn't fathered by a baboon?

  5. Monty's dad could have been any one of a great number of people I know (I've never met Kath's teenage son though) but I agree with Tina about the touch of Beagle, because of the shape of the head.

    Bok? Chasing cars? There has to be some Collie in there somewhere.

  6. There is a home DNA Kit that supposedly tells you what breeds are in your dog. I read about it a few weeks ago and just saw it in the Web.

  7. That's so HARD! I dunno, I'm guessing a bit of a shepherd mix with Monty and a bit of black lab with Bok, possibly also mixed with some shep. I don't suppose there's any pomeranian in either? heh

  8. In the photo, Bok's eyes look like those of a Weinmarner, though most of the that breed i have known are not overly affectionate. The second breed i thought of looking at his eyes were a German short-haired pointer.

    As for Monty, no clue. The fact that he eats just about anything could account for his gas.

    Both look like wonderful furfriends, and if it weren't for Himself being seriously allergic to dogs, we'd have one or two. At least Himself is only very allergic to cats, so we content ourselves with felines.


  9. They're part bear. of course. Teddy bear.

  10. This a little late (7 years), but we were eventually told that Monty was 100% pure Lab'.


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